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Mahmut - COVER player - 01-12-2018

Players Name: Mahmut

Players Steam ID: 

What Happened: you can read it below

ADMIN Mahmut: slap Ma[R]k # with 555 damage
SeNNNZaT|oN killed Ri_Ya_DO_o with vsk94
[VIP ADMIN][LVL: 31] Mahmut : hp\
[LVL: 41] Ma[R]k # : No Slay me pls
Mahmut died
MonstEr timed out
MonstEr has left the game
walid dropped
walid dropped
[MODERATOR][LVL: 76] IsaiasBe : mahmut stop abuse..
[VIP HELPER][LVL: 73] The Night : dont slap
ADMIN Mahmut: slap Ma[R]k # with 555555 damage
. dropped
Ma[R]k # died

explain this to me ... why do you abuse your power? these things are not going to be tolerated .. and it's not the first time you did something like that .. stop with this..

RE: Mahmut - xiiTawafshaxyz - 01-12-2018

@ Carbon just a suggestion 
if someone want to buy admin let him tell u/Cover if he know the commands or how to use it
+ if he doesn't know add the money he gave u for admin to a vip
like if he paid 10$ for vip and admin
vip =5$ 2 months
admin =5$ 1month
if he doesn't know commands 
-> vip = 4 months
will be better

RE: Mahmut - Black STAR - 01-12-2018

well same here i see him use commandes on other players :/ .... well and he make a fight with other admin idk how he can do but he use command on other admin and mike him blind i laugh so much for that xD but i think this is bad u play with commands

Mahmut - RipeGamingYT - 01-12-2018

He will be not tolerated for abusing admin powers , before they buy admin they should know rules.

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RE: Mahmut - HITMAN - 01-12-2018


I entered the server yesterday and the players complained of you that you insulted Black Night You are misusing power admin.

Mahmut - Translucent - 01-13-2018

Lol as I said, money makes everything, rank which leads to destruction.

[Image: e11cf6b27f8b6ef995bbaa03d6e1c498.jpg]

RE: Mahmut - moja_kija - 01-13-2018

welll whait for hes replay to see reasone if no reasone removed

RE: Mahmut - Black Night - 01-13-2018

I was there and I saw that and he slay his self to respawn to human
Pro remove

RE: Mahmut - Fulger(*_*) - 01-13-2018

Pro remove
Yesterday when he lost his saw, he asked alka to give him respawnt to take a saw, I told him to slay him to alka and told me to go to the forum to complain
And I see when he made his own slay when he was first zm

(Excuse me if you do not quite understand my English
But I am at the level of basic English)

RE: Mahmut - Black Night - 01-13-2018

and gag players 22min without reason [Image: sQKKbCF.png]