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    • The mod Zombie Plague 4.3 Fix 5a was taken as a basis.
    • 7 types of zombie classes, with different abilities, as well as models and sounds.
    • 2 human units (male assault / female sniper), in which there are 6 characters each.
      Each character has its own little abilities, a separate player model.
    • New in-game mode: Operation Nuclear Destruction.
    • There is a large set of different types of weapons, more than 25 pieces, from pistols to machine guns, as well as additional extra items.
    • The assembly is bilingual (Rus / Eng). You can select the language in the main menu. All functions are in two languages (Including advertising in the chat).
    • A large number of maps already added that are well suited for this build.
    • Installed monetary system Buy Menu + MySQL data storage (Level / Experience / Money / Knives / Zombie classes / Human classes / Language).
      The level system has various restrictions. Experience is given for killing zombies and infecting people (Up to a certain level), for killing a boss and a survivor.
    • There is a WeaponList for all weapons.
    • Fairly balanced balance (My personal opinion).
    • Great gaming atmosphere, especially the sound one.
    • Good monitoring conditions, profit should please you (You can read the description of privileges below).
    • Present NPC bosses, while ALIEN BOSS and OBERON BOSS:


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