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Thread Contributor: COVER playerIMPORTANT Rules

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ADMIN rules

1_ The use of the ADMIN, is completely PERSONAL you can not lend your account to someone else

2_ Do not insult and/or threaten others, as admin you should use a courteous and friendly language towards others

3_ Do not abuse the commands, slap/slay/kick, this action will not be tolerated, you will be removed

4_ Prohibited to use the privileges of admin to obtain an advantage within the game.

5_ Before banning someone you should get enough evidence, screenshots, demo, photos etc. otherwise the ban will count as useless

6_ Any abuse of power will not be tolerated .. the punishment will be to remove your admin and you will not be able to recover it

7_ adminis/helpers must be active on the server and in the forum, otherwise they will be removed


1_ The use of external programs, Hacks/Cheats (Aimbot, Wall, KZH, etc.) is prohibited. punishment: Permanent ban.

2_ It is forbidden to spam other sites, forums, servers etc. punishment: permanent ban

3_ Insults, discrimination will not be tolerated .. punishment: gag 5/10 mins depending on the admin (if that player keep insulting, ban 30 mins)

4_ the use of the microphone is not allowed, nobody wants to hear you speak, we all speak different languages ​​here and it is annoying to hear someone speaking in another language. punishment: warning

5_ You are not allowed to buy mode in mode (for example, boss round you can't buy survivor, same with other modes) punishment: Slay

6_ Bhop is not allowed, punishmet: Slay/ban


1_ If you become a zombie you are not allowed to use retry, punishment: Slay 

2_ You are not allowed to give free kill and respawn as a human, punishment: Slay

3_ you can use only 5 zombie bomb and 3 shock bomb, if you use more than that you will be slayed

4_ you are able to buy only 2 zombie madness, if you use more than 2, punishment: Slay

5_ being zombie is not allowed to stay and watch as other zombies attack, you must attack everyone without exceptions, if you don't do it, punishment: Slay

6_ You are not allowed to give free kill, punishment: slay/ban

02-09-2018, 04:06 PM

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