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It is forbidden to abuse any bug on the server once you have detected a bug report it you do not use it - Sanction: PERMANENT BAN
    You are not allowed to retry when you are chosen as a zombie - Sanction: BAN 120 MIN
    You are NOT allowed to let yourself INFECTATI - Sanction: SLAY / KICK
    You are not allowed to advertise other servers / sites / forums - Sanction: BAN PERMANENT
    No server admin required - Penalty: GAG / KICK / BAN 120 MIN
    Any problem / misstatement is done on the forum, not on the server - Sanction: GAG / KICK / BAN 120 MIN
    Use a decent language, you are not a maid to swear what you want - Sanction: GAG / BAN 120 MIN
    It is forbidden to use nicknames containing obscene words, racial tint, or nicknames that advertise other sites, servers, etc. - Sanction: CHANGE NAME / BAN 120 MIN
    Players are not allowed to argue on the server or instigate arguing - Sanction: GAG / KICK / BAN 120 MIN
    All injuries to the server / map / forum / admin are forbidden - Sanction: GAG / BAN 120 MIN
    Injuries or quarrels between players are repeatedly forbidden - Sanction: BAN 500 MIN or PERMANENT
    Do not stress the admins! - Sanction: GAG / BAN 120 MIN
    It is forbidden to climb on / after map text - Sanction: SLAY / KICK / BAN 120 MIN
    Players are not allowed to stress the admins with stuff like "do you see that X has code give away", unless they talk to say-team: @. In this way, the presumed coded will not be warned that they are suspected - GAG / KICK sanction
Do not combine weapons to kill as soon as possible or more can be repelled with a very high penalty. [Reset Levels / Ban Permanent / Ban 10000] depends on the severity of the situation the individual is doing.
You do not praise levels from founders that every person has started from below: GAG 5/10 MIN / BAN 120MIN.


-If you have to be an admin, you have to have a good activity and the correct language you say.
-For admin you need 65 hours of play.Where can you see how many hours you have accumulated? You have here ---> [Only registered and activated users can see links Click here to register]
-If you need 110 hours of promotion, if your request is rejected, you will have to wait a month.
- Using commands between admins (leads to remove)
- Change table without vote (leads to -1)
- Do not abuse the admin level. ( -1 )
- Do not trust admin on another person's server. (remove)
- Inactivity on server / forum (remove)
- There are bans between admins, players (report on forum)
- Before voting, ask the players on the server what maps they want to vote for. ( -1 )
- The map changes over the last 5 minutes and through the vote (-1)
-You do not slam without reason to the playmen if they get tangled or pick up the gun.
-Review admins with a higher degree than you.
-If you see an admin abusing orders posted on the forum with the clearest the ones with a registered or pictures that the admin did.
-How does the person start from below as they all started: GAG20 / BAN 120 MIN.?
-Iff you see admin abus report her---> [Only registered and activated users can see links Click here to register]

#The Founder can always change the rules whenever he wants. Play to the limit of your common sense. Have a good score.

12-12-2017, 05:50 PM

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