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• Please be friendly and have nice behaviour with each other.

• Do not swear, or insult anyone or you can get punishment from gag to ban
• Do not spam for nemesis,survivor,items or money. You can get a gag for this.

• Do not advertise about anything, especially of other servers or you can get a punishment of gag to ban!

• Do not get indulged in a religious talk, this is strictly prohibited.

• If you find a hacker, inform admin on admin chat through u@ instead of swearing.

• Do not use nick of other players, especially of VIP players and ADMIN.

• Do not argue with players or admins about anything. If you think admins don't work properly or you have any complains against them, go to the forum and report in special topic for that or u can report to any Moderator.


Do not make team with zombie if you are a human or the other way around. Both are enemies and you will have to make your role as a zombie so the same will have to be applied with human.

Do not make the chat a place of spam, and you are not allowed to spam by asking to get free: admin, vip, helper or whatever.

Scripts, wallhacker, speed, no-recoil or any kind of cheating is, in fact, extremely prohibited. I need not mention that in this case a permanent ban will be applied.

I want to talk in the mic can? Of course. But I want to speak in my native language, which is Icelandic, can I? Never. As many of you know, our community uses to communicate the English language. Then speak into the mic only in English because it will become annoying to hear a person saying in another language.

If you are a zombie, you must play your role that is to attack humans. But I do not want to, I'll hide. No problem, you can hide away from the servers. It is obligatory for the zombies to attack or they will receive slay /kick and a ban if necessary.

 Admin / Helper They must be active in the forum, however if you have paid to be admin or helper, you did not have to be active. Why that? You admin / helper must be active because we can change something on both the server and the forum, and we will need you to be active to be within all changes.

Every ban should have a reason right? and within that reason a prove will be presented. No matter how it will be, demo, print, photo, youtube. The important thing is that before you (Administrators) ban someone, you have to use your judgment to see if you are a hacker or not, and to give evidence if a unban request for opened.

Do not slay/kick/ban without a reason. And you should warn before you made any decision.

These rules have been chosen carefully and yes, they can be changed by the superiors as soon as need. Any rules that broken will make the superiors and admin make a decision. And the permanent ban will be one of them if necessary.



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Posts: 26
Threads: 6
Joined: Nov 2017

Country: Iceland
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