Tournament System
Tournament system is a new functionality, which helps non-stuff players to get money, exp, free vip and have even more fun.

Tounament has 2 winners, one from HUMAN team, player with most kills and one from ZOMBIE team, player with most infections.

Staff members can not score in a tournament, but they will receive participation bonus.

  • Frequency: Three times per day
  • Dates: 10:00 UTC, 16:00 UTC, 22:00 UTC (server time)
  • Reward: 500,000$
  • Frequency: Once per day
  • Date: 19:00 UTC (server time)
  • Reward: 15.000 Exp
  • Frequency: On Mondays, On Wednesdays, On Fridays (every week)
  • Date: 18:00 UTC (server time)
  • Reward: free vip for 24 hours
  • Every player who will be online when tournament end, will get 200xp and 20,000$ as a participation bonus
    VIP's will get additional 300xp and 30,000$ during tournaments
    Who can join the tournaments

    Money tournaments
    Only players whose money is under 900,000$
    Keep your money under 900,000$ to participate

    XP tournaments
    Only players whose level is under 101

    VIP tournaments
    Only players who doesn't have active VIP