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You can purchase those things on our server:





• Tag (Prefix)

• Level

VIP Package

2x Jump

No Falldamage

Custom Skin

Green Chat

[VIP] tag pe Chat

800HP for infect

VIP in score board

Access to new knives : Hammer and Katana

VIP zombie class : Tesla

Nick at /vips , amx_who , admin_who and /who

When VIP connect on server have message Carbon connected.

Faster to gain money

Access to VIP MENU

900K Bank Limit

Admin Level 1 (Helper)

Starter Pack

Menu Interface

Helper Commands

Admin Level 2 (Admin)

More Commands

Includes Admin Level 1 (Helper)

Admin Commands

Admin Level 3 (Moderator)

Most Commands

Includes Admin Level 2 (Admin)

Moderator Commands

Boost the server (SMS)

You can Boost Server as a avaible payment for access. (SMS)

VIP (Premium Membership) x3 Boost (3.6 euros) for 1 month VIP

Helper Membership x4 Boost (4.8 euros) for 1 month Helper

Admin Membership x5 Boost (6 euros) for 1 month Admin

Click for boost (Ask Us Before Boost) !

PayPal (For Monthly, Permanent)



You can send amount to our Paypal as a avaible payment for access. (Paypal)

VIP (Premium Membership) 3.6 euros for 1 month VIP

Helper Membership 4.8 euros for 1 month Helper

Admin Membership 6 euros for 1 month Admin

VIP (Premium Membership) 20 euros for Permanent VIP

Helper Membership 30 euros for Permanent Helper

Admin Membership 40 euros for Permanent Admin

Moderator Membership 50 euros for Permanent Moderator

Buy Level

Choose Level
For all other donations or payments with PayPal Click Here

Terms of Use

1. Helper/Admin/Moderator abuse will not be tolerated. It is not a right, it is a privilege.

2. Provide a warning to player(s) prior any actions; such as mute, kick, or ban. Fail to do so will force CSOMOD.COM to believe an admin abuse.

3. You are only allowed to ban frequent offenders and/or hackers and provide a valid reason for the ban. Any bans without reasons will force CSOMOD.COM to believe an admin abuse.

4. For any ban, provide any form of evidence. (screenshot, demo/video and steam identification).

5. Do not unban players that are currently on the ban list.

6. Do not advertise anything that is not related to the CSOMOD.COM

7. Do not slander our servers or anyone else servers.

8. Do not be racist in any way, shape, or form.

9. Do not impersonate other admin(s) by using hud messages and/or using their name.

10. Do not spam (commands, weapon, audio, voice, text messages, and/or admin messages).

11. Must be mature and communicate properly.

12. Be responsible, no hacking, and/or no cheating.

13. It is the subscriber's responsibility to terminate, cancel or remove any subscription from Paypal for any reasons.

14. Monthly subscriptions (donations) are non-refundable.

15. TOU may change without notice, therefore, it is your responsibility to often read the Terms of Use.

16. Subscriptions are revocable at anytime with or without reasons.