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    i am not a staff member but i remember that you only stay in spectator for activity in gametracker, idk what to say about that

    Freeze grenade had a limit 1 year because vips had guillotine and it was too op,you could've killed an enemy with just freezing them and put guillotine on their head and they most likely dead. Now it isn't neccesary because you can run away from zombies which have knife blink, madness. It's balanced. I am giving a no to this proposal.

    in his console there s no "x player became zombie because the last zombie left" so this report is not neccesary because he didn't do anything against the rules.

    If you are first zombie in the round and rejoin you aren't following a rule. You can rejoin whenever you want. You said that he swears. Why didn't You sent us more proof?. T/C because there's nothing else to say. soul revenge

    • Nick:
    • IP:
    • SteamID : STEAM_1:0:690776212
    • Time : 120 minutes
    • Reason: Retry.gag(i warned him for insulting someone's mom, then tenz told me that he has been warned by him and he left when he was gagging him. So thats a ban.
    • Proof (print/demo) : Please login to see this attachment.Please login to see this attachment.

    I was top 1 without survivor/nemesis just Gold menu. 5k kills in 5 days or so. Survivor got removed because players were abusing just like you. You don't need to ask admins for survivor. You must say in chat before 3 rounds when your going to buy survivor.

    I am here to help you understand what are the rules of the server. When a player advertises in chat or just by his name, you can use these commands:
    amx_nick (username) (new username) then amx_kick (username) I tried to tell you this rule but you weren't listening.

    I am superior to you, I am playing this server for over 1 year and a half. I know the rules better than you. Every staff member knows this rule. If you don't now you will. T/C.

    You will not get anything if you spam threads with requests.

    Definatly not a yes. Come back after 2 weeks of activity and then you might get a yes.

    YyHyH The King Can you stop commenting on this server forum? You aren't an admin here. Stop saying your opinion like an admin. If you still want to say something, say it like a normal player. And you can't say things like "we don't need proof to ban You". You don't have any type of admin.