• 1. Scripts, wallhacker, speed, no-recoil or any kind of cheating is, in fact, extremely prohibited. 1.2 - Macro (Auto Click) is FORBIDDEN on server, punishment u will be ban!

    2. Any kind of BHOP is not allowed (manual/script). 2.2 - While it flows the countdown, round and end round too! 2.3 - Boss zombie is allowed to do Bhop because have Long Jump skill! 2.3.1 - In tight spots too!

    3. Dont camp guns as Zombie! 3.2 - Using invisible, being 'FAKE' afk close the gun will consider as CAMP!

    4. Team between Zombie and Human is not allowed!

    4.2 - Survivor and Boss are not allowed to be in Team.

    4.3 - Normal Zombie or Boss that skipping or pretending that you didn't see the Human, will consider for Team!

    4.4 - Waiting Human as Zombie to get the dropped weapon will conisder for Team!

    5. Weapon binding is strictly prohibited! 5.2 - Armor, Health, Granades and Vip Menu items are allowed! 5.3 - If a member from the Staff Team suspect a Player with 'bind' they CAN Ban the player for 6 hours. The Player is allowed to make "Unban Request" to show his demo. 5.3.1 - Unban requests without demo IS NOT Request!
    6. Dont spam in the chat! We see all messages! 6.2 - 3 and more same messages in a row will consider for Spam! 6.3 - 5 or more Math Results in a row will consider for Spam! (Spam the result) 6.4 - Spamming for Weapon/Money every round will consider for Spam! 6.5 - If you want to give to someone money/weapon - dont spam! Just say it 1 time.

    7. Begging is not allowed! 7.2 - Begging or Spamming as in 6.4 every round/minute will consider for Begging/Spamming! 7.3 - If the players didnt give you, just dont ask more or just wait few minutes! 7.4 - Begging for Slot/Vip/Helper/Admin/Level/Exp/Gamemode is not allowed!

    8. All players can talk on the microphone. 8.2 - Talk only on English! 8.3 - Musics are not allowed! 8.4 - Insults/swears/rasicm are not allowed!

    9. Zombie hiding/camping/fake afk is not allowed! 9.2 - Hiding in tunels, roofs, holes and all hidden spots are not allowed! 9.3 - FAKE afk as Zombie or waiting for the next round is not allowed! 9.4 - The Boss(Zombie mode) is not allowed to camp/hide!

    10. Spamming Zombie bombs is not allowed! 10.2 - Spamming Jump bombs for interferes or help humans is not allowed.

    11. Spamming frozen bombs for no reason is not allowed!

    12. Buying Boss/Survivor 2 or more times per map is no allowed! 12.2 - Its not allowed to buy Boss/Survivor if the current round is - Swarm, Multinfection, Plague 12.3 - Every player can buy only 1 Boss per map! Boss, given from the server do not count! 12.4 - You can buy Boss if you are the last survived zombie! 12.5 - You can buy Survivor if you are the last survived Human! Survivor, given from the server do not count! 12.6 - You can buy Survivor if the first player buy Boss! Survivor, given from the server do not count!

    13. Weapon bugs are not allowed! Please play fair!

    14. Afk binds are not allowed!

    15. Arguing with players and admins is not allowed! If you If you think admins don't work properly or you have any complains against them, go to the forum and report in special topic for that or you can report to any High Staff Member.

    16. Discord/Forum PM insults, swears are not connected with the game server!

    17. Helper/Admins are not allowed to talk as normal chat in HUD!

    18. Do not advertise about anything, especially of other servers or you can get a punishment of gag to ban!

    19. Do not get indulged in a religious talk, this is strictly prohibited.

    20. If you find a hacker, inform admin on admin chat through u@ instead of swearing.

    21. Do not use nick of other players, especially of VIP players and ADMIN.

    22. Please be friendly and have nice behaviour with each other.

    23. Sharing account is not allowed.

    24. Multiaccounting is not allowed.

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