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    There was actually many situations I encountered with this guy before
    Now I'm not trying to complain or anything but I'm here to point out my side as well

    When I was playing in the server, and there was a tournament going on, he would always say "k" or whatever else he said, or just full on become toxic when I or some other people kill him in game. It's really annoying, and it gets to a point the game becomes absolutely depressing with this "mad boy" around, always trying to make a big deal out of everything.
    Admins/Helpers and other Mods had warned him, but it seems there was no effect. Plus I'll say this to you admins and mods, DO NOT, TRUST HIM, WITH HIM SAYING "i have good behaviour now", HE WONT AND HE WILL RESUME BACK ON BEING TOXIC.

    I thought I should give my side of the story as well since I also saw this happen before.

    1. Name tag: OnlyMike

    2. Reason you join this giveaway: TL:DR, I joined the giveaway because I really enjoy the CSOMOD server and I love playing on it.
    Well..I don't want to keep it long, so I will keep it short, I don't mind if its either 6 LVL, 9 LVL or even VIP, I just decided to join the Giveaway because I enjoy the server, and I had quite alot of fun in the server itself, it would be really interesting to use VIP, but honestly, I just joined the Giveaway to see how it goes since by the time I sent this message, tomorrow is gonna be the deadline of the giveaway.

    3. Tag friends: I don't really, have many friends here sadly

    Nickname: [OnlyMike]

    Steam link: Please login to see this link.

    What would you change on our server?: Honestly, it depends.

    I don't really have any problems with the server itself but like, the only downside is how hard it can get to get EXP, because I mostly encounter people killing zombies with really overpowered weapons, or anything else basically, while when you hit a zombie it only gives you 2EXP each time which is a bit overwhelming if you're a new player in the game with bad weapons.
    Overall, nothing else is needed to change, server is as perfect and nostalgic as it is ^_^!