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    Alright, since there has been an admission of guilt, this thread is no longer necessary and will be closed.

    Flamiee, kindly gag yourself for a duration of five minutes or the appropriate time frame and reply to this thread to confirm that it has been done.

    Technically, it is possible to bunny hop as a zombie with the use of a script, although we cannot confirm whether or not you have one. In the event that you continue with this report, the accusations against you may become more severe.

    Additionally, you asked Aurel^ to provide a demo that shows you bunny hopping, which he is not required to do as you are the one making the report. It is your responsibility to provide a demo that proves you were not bunny hopping. Furthermore, the picture you provided as evidence of being slapped does not prove anything, as Aurel^ may claim that he slapped you for bunny hopping. Without a demo, the picture is invalid.

    If you do not have a demo, we can wait for Kabo!om to confirm whether or not Aurel^ punished you arbitrarily, as he was present on the server.

    As it stands, this report is meaningless unless you can provide evidence or Kabo!om testifies to anything.

    As you did not specify the reason of the complaint, I assume that it pertains to an alleged insult. However, as a native Arabic speaker, I can confirm that the sentence upon which the complaint is based translates to "this kid is starting to annoy us", which in my opinion is not necessarily an insult.

    Therefore, I believe this report is flawed and cannot be upheld.

    Additionally, I have reviewed the accusations made by Nemesis in their response and found them to be accurate. Please be mindful of the rules going forward to avoid further consequences.

    Thank you for your understanding. This thread is now closed and resolved.

    To clarify, levels 90-120 are not considered low levels.

    While I am not against adding new weapons to improve the server, it may be unfair for low-level players who work hard to earn XP by killing as many zombies as possible to level up.

    It is important to consider that adding too many weapons for high-level players could lead to imbalance, with humans becoming even more dominant on the server and zombies struggling to compete. For the sake of variety and keeping gameplay fresh, perhaps the suggested guns could be replaced with original guns or the suggested guns could be added with a nerfed power to prevent imbalance.

    Nemesis , haxor. , Please avoid using derogatory terms such as "clown" in public, as they may be interpreted as insults and are not appropriate.

    Regarding the report, I am currently unable to view the demo as I am away from my computer. I hope that a staff member can review the evidence and provide the necessary information to make an informed decision. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    We would like to acknowledge Scarlxrdd for appropriately handling the situation.

    we inform you that the reported player will not be punished as the report has been deemed unreasonable.

    This thread has been resolved and is now closed.

    Previous mention indicates that no threats or insults were detected, rendering the report ineffective. Please ensure that any future reports contain actionable information before submitting them. Thank you for your cooperation.

    This thread has been resolved and is now closed.

    As a native Arabic speaker, I have reviewed the three pictures that were sent to me, and I did not find anything that could be described as an insult or a threat.

    Furthermore, as previously stated and in accordance with the rules, insulting another person outside of the server carries no consequences, as the conversation between the two parties was private.

    Therefore, I believe that this report of insult/threat is baseless and should be dismissed.

    Unless you have evidence of an ADMIN saying, "I don’t care if someone insulted you," your report will be considered useless and automatically rejected. Additionally, if the no-jump punishment is removed due to a map change, the ADMIN has the right to reassign it in the new map, so the full punishment is properly carried out.

    Furthermore, please refrain from reporting ADMINS unless you are confident that they deserve punishment. As a former ADMIN, you should know what actions are truly illegal and what are not. Reporting unnecessarily only wastes our time.

    Therefore, based on the information provided, this report will be rejected as the reported ADMIN did nothing wrong.

    yeah keep working for free, did someone even thank you once ?

    i found the respect in LS don't worry, a lot of people thank me for small helps from the first day

    unlike this great community, 3 month i never heared thanks from someone.

    Thanks my man, even though I don’t know you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:, but since you hate Scarl then you still with your mind on.

    « for the good of the server »

    who are you? i never saw you on the server

    Disn’t it occur to you that you didn’t see me because I played for so many years and I’m busy in real life now so I’m inactive?

    I played it even before Carbon was the owner, and for the good of the server, Scarl must be removed, sadly it won’t happen because you guys think that what he does is a good job while it’s the worst job to be.

    lmaooo what a joke. imagine we are removing an admin who is doing a good job

    Well, not that it didn’t happen before, I’m not active anyway, I say it for the good of the server, السلاح بايد الحمار بجرح.