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    Although you are not familiar such a rank I think, since you don’t even answer those who call your name in server, but I think after you get it you could get along with it.

    YES, Good Luck.

    It’s true that you have almost 200 hours but you were completely inactive last week and last month. No vote. Good luck.

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    Quote from "Maykel" pid='2959' dateline='1615494721'

    I know I’m not ADMIN or staff, because of this I asked Carbon since long ago if I have the right to vote and give my opinion in such things and he accepted on this since I was staff before, so don’t worry about this, in the moment Carbon tells me I can’t comment on this I won’t.
    And also when you quote something write your comment out of quote not in it so others see it.

    I saw the demo, if I'm not mistaken you are talking about the time when you got survivor (29:00 - 29:30), please add the time you report about next time.

    I see that this isn't unstuck, it's just happened because there were a lot of zombies near you and so they made a lot of pressure on you, therefore, you got up with no intention. therefore this is completely not your fault. So the slaying wasn't right in this situation, however, I don't see that this should be punished, Shadows may have thought that you used unstuck while it's completely can't be in this situation since you were the only human, but ok it's just a fault from him so no need to punish.

    What I can say that you just can forgive him for that since he was mistaken but it's not that huge mistake, and he can promise he won't do it again because it can never be that human unstuck while all zombies, and if he did so then this unstuck is legal since he was already stuck and can't move and therefore he must use unstuck (this stuck BUG is found in many maps where zombies using knife blink and stop the human from moving at all so the unstuck is legal and must be implemented).

    Quote from "Carbon" pid='2957' dateline='1615493844'

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    Carbon please look at my previous reply, it's completely legal, its server BUG not unstuck, so it's not bobi's fault and no one here is sin, even you thought it's unstuck (I just know this because it happened with me and saw it happening with many others), and I even can't call it BUG because it's a normal thing to let you up when you get all this pressure :smiling_face: :smiling_face::winking_face: .

    Quote from "Carbon" pid='2584' dateline='1615225052'

    I already gave 1 month freevip to some of staff due to they vote regularly. Voting server is not optional, its a must because we can get few players from that websites also it helps to forums stay active. I wont upgrade who not votes server also.

    Yea I understand that it’s not an option for staff not to vote, but I mean that this become for regular players too which are not staff, by this they become more familiar with forums too until they become one of staff team and then they have to vote, because I see that most of those who are requesting for staff applications are not so familiar with forum, some of them even just login to the forum when they are requesting these ranks, even if they must already take place in most of forum activities. But since you already thought about this and already implemented it so it’s perfect [emoji106].

    So I realized lately how caring the founders are about the voting for the server, I see why since the voting lifts the server rank in these sites and therefore makes it prominent for visitors of these sites which brings more players to us.
    So I remember from other games that had voting system too that they were giving gifts to the top voter and it came up to my mind that why we aren't doing this too here.
    It goes like this, the top voter is chosen weekly or monthly as the founder desire, and the prizes are chosen accordingly, so I have some suggestions for prizes too:

    • Free VIP 1 week or 1 month according to that if the winner is chosen weekly or monthly.
    • If the winner is chosen weekly then he is given "x" levels, if monthly then he is given "4x" levels.
    • The winner can choose between both options above.
    • If not any of the options above seem to be decent then the founders can choose one as they want.

    At the very end, I would like to say that I personally think it's a good idea since it strengthens the server and the player base, and I think that in general, we shall give players some presents from time to time so they keep playing on the server and also become active in the forum.

    So I would like to see the staff team's opinion on this and if the founders accept this suggestion too.

    Even if you weren’t so active last 2 weeks as required but in general you have a good activity and a lot of playing hours, I don’t know if you are familiar with rules in general since I remember you from the past but the past is past, so I refrain from voting. Good luck.

    Your gametracker link: Please login to see this link.

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    You had to add your gametracker hours link, here it is: Please login to see this link.
    You have 49.55 hours (50 almost), even if you spend most of it AFK according to your statstics.
    So just add the link to be a complete request.

    I refrain from voting, good luck.

    I already made a suggestion to remove 4 maps, including 2 of your suggested maps for removing, you can check thread here: Please login to see this link.
    As Carbon commented, he will check players rate in this maps and will decide accordingly, so just wait for it.
    Also thanks for the suggestion.

    Quote from "Maykel" pid='2112' dateline='1614836720'

    CONTRA, we have been doing this free vip since 2012. Its free vip for all members who can not buy vip.

    We was playing with thantos-3 too since 2012 but we removed it because it has BUG, it’s not convincing that you tell that we must stay on this just because it was since then, also many weapons wasn’t existed and now it is. Things are always changing, like I don’t know how often you play at night, but even infecting AFK zombies is hard.

    So I was talking to @"ArticUSA" and I said to him that giving 200 anti-infection armor for humans at free VIP period is too much and that this is unfair for zombies, I said so too before but I didn't make a topic for this.
    So I suggested to him that anti-infection armor mustn't be given to them but only 2 jumps, because this is enough for good players since 2 jumps help them to escape and survive and therefore earning good money, as for "not good" players they won't even realize it's not found. But he suggested to me that they shall be given 100 instead of 200.
    So we have 3 suggestions:
    1. Not giving players anti-infection armor at all (highly recommended, 2 jumps is so enough).
    2. Giving them 100 instead of 200 (not recommended, as mentioned 2 jumps is enough).
    3. Not changing the situation if seen to be fair (As said, this situation is completely not fair for zombies, especially when there are strong players playing at night, it'll be like hell even for good zombies especially because of limits).


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    1. You don’t have 2 weeks constant activity, you weren’t active for 6 days of last 18 days active.
    2. You didn’t respect the topic title meaning you didn’t read the SLOT form Rules.
    3. Ragnarl said you advertised and this gives you permanent banned.
    4. Even if you didn’t advertise and this was your friend, so you break another rule by sharing your account.

    So in all cases you don’t respect the rules, I don’t really know what must be decided because it’s SLOT at the very end not Helper or so meaning you won’t have any commands power, but you’ll be one of staff team, and even with this I still see many SLOT players breaking rules such as begging and spamming for money and weapons. And I don’t have the right to vote so I leave the decision to Carbon.

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    I don’t have the right to vote, but I can say that you mustn’t be accepted, one of the rules to be accepted as helper is to be active for the last 2 weeks constantly, and this is your activity for the last 1 month and for the last week which shows that you are completely inactive.

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    I have few points to mention:
    1. I suppose the purpose of making tournaments not available for staff is that naturaly staff are better players, if you see the SLOT, Helper, ADMIN even if the player have one of these and still not VIP he still can fight and infect better than regular players. Because of this He still can’t participate, as I said staff are naturally better than regular players.
    2. If the decision also was made to let all but VIP participate then it could be because of the advantages the VIP player has such as 2 jumps, 200 armor, more damage, etc... But this is only for human VIP as I see, As for Zombie VIP I don’t see any difference between VIP and others, I know Tesla is the difference here but Tesla isn’t that strong and most VIP players don’t choose it.
    3. I think too that 3 levels are too much, and also 1 level could make problems, for example: player who is level 77 and has 15900/16000 exp, and he won the tournament at this point, then he will be given 1 level which is actually 100 exp, and that’s completely not worth it, so I suggest to give exp instead of levels, something like 10,000 - 15,000 exp.

    Last thing I would like to say that I some how see why Moderators made it as VIP can’t participate and also staff team, because I personally pretty sure that I can win the tournament as human or as zombie, it’s not ego but that’s a truth, as well as for other VIP’s too.

    I won’t make a topic for this, but as a solution I suggest to make tournaments for VIP’s only too. Not money tournaments but only level tournaments.

    • Your name: tosa
    • Name of admin(staff): Maykel
    • Date and time: 27/02/2021 10:45 PM (GMT +2)
    • Reason for complaint: He is abusing his ADMIN commands, I know the command he used but I won't say it so other admins don't start using it in secret while others don't know what happens, so I rather keep it as secret. The thing he is abusing that he can make himself human while he is a zombie, I don't know the punishment for that, I leave the decision to you, I give 2 video proofs, this happened on 1 map only. in the first video Please realize when I press TAB to see the players list he instantly becomes human without being killed and respawn as human, or without reloading and respawn as human, and for the second video realize how after he disappears I press TAB again and he is still a human and didn't use unstuck because the other human was too much away from him.
    • Proof (screenshot or demo): Please login to see this link. , Please login to see this link.

    Sorry for the videos quality, I have to make it like this because it took too much space and that may take too much time to upload to youtube.
    I leave the decision to you to decide the punishment because it's so clear that this is abusing ADMIN commands and I don't think there is a need to discuss the illegality of doing this.