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    1 MONTH - 5 EURO

    2 MONTH - 8 EURO






    follow the rules if u dont want to be punished!

    - GAG -

    -Using inappropriate language on server!

    -Threaten other players/admins!

    -Inappropriate language,bad behaviour,spam,annoying others!

    -Repeating silly questions, asking for grades!

    - SLAP -

    -Blocks persistently!

    -Players out of map/on a spot where cant zombies reach!

    -Slap zombies that aren't attacking/teaming ( 3 - 5 slaps ).

    -Not allowed to use slap with damage!

    - SLAY -

    -Slay zombies for not attacking in last 2 mins after giving them 3 - 5 slaps!

    -Same for last zombies for prologing round!

    -Slay who is blocking after giving them 3 - 5 slaps!

    -Slay zombies who aren't attacking after giving them 3 - 5 slaps!

    -Example of really rude blocking: Lets his friend/friends free and blocking other zombies to reach them!

    - FREEZE -

    -Zombies that are staying in water to prolong round!

    -Zombies that are running away during survivor mode,hiding and not wanting to attack!

    - VOTEMAP -

    -Only votemap if the map isn't good and votemap can be done in the first 5 mins in the map!

    -Right after the votemap admins should do amx_nextmap "map" at the end of the round!

    -Cant use 2 times in row same maps for votemap!

    -After the vote ask other players what map they want!

    - KICK -

    -Players/Admins arent allowed to stay in spec to afk farm hours!

    -Admins are only allowed to go in spec to watch if the guy is cheating or not, and to get proof!

    -Advertising other servers/websites!

    -Spamming microphone will result kick,if he keeps spamming mic then he will get banned for 1 hour!

    -Players are allowed to stay in spec if they tell admin the reason!

    - BAN -

    -Player rejoining after gag will result ban (60 min)

    -Using any sort of hacks will result ban (pernament)

    -After kicking players for advertising other servers/website,and they don't stop, they will receive ban (pernament)

    -Admins arent allowed to use any hacks/scripts either! They will receive Remove and Ban (pernament)

    -Admins should make banlist right after they get accepted!

    -Players insulting others family, trying to start racist topics, insulting god or religions will result ban (120 min)

    -Admins are not allowed to use any commands witheout any reasons! It will result Remove and Ban (200 min)

    -If players steals others account it will result Ban (120 min)

    -After player getting gag and they keeps insulting they will get ban (120 min)

    -You are only allowed to use 5 advantages in 1 day (respawn,turn,zm)

    -If player keeps asking for grades after gag it will result ban (120 min)

    -You are only allowed to give yourself mode 1 time and to random person 1 time per day!

    -Players abusing guns and abusing bugs and glitches will result ban (120 min)

    -If last human or last zm is rejoining it will result a ban (30 min)

    -If first zombie rejoins it will result ban (15 min),if he/she keeps rejoining it will result them ban (60 min)

    -If player rejoins to buy guns and buy multi jumps it will result ban (30 min)

    -Don't use any commands on players or admin as a joke it can cost u Remove and Ban (60 min)


    -1. Nick:

    -2. Why do you think you deserve promotion to Admin?

    -3. Gametracker Link(100h admin):

    -4. Did you read rules?:

    -5. Do you have any experiance being admin/moderator?

    -6. Is this ur first time having admin?

    -7. List 10 amx commands that you know:

    -8. Activity (specify how much hours you will spend on server daily)

    if u get 3 contas u are rejected/ if u get 3 pros u are accepted!!


    -1. Nick:

    -2. De ce credeți că meritați promovarea la administrator?

    -3. Link Gametracker (100h admin):

    -4. Ați citit reguli?:

    -5. Aveți vreo experiență ca administrator / moderator?

    -6. Este prima dată când ai administrator?

    -7. Enumerați 10 comenzi AMX pe care le cunoașteți:

    -8. Activitate (specificați câte ore veți petrece zilnic pe server)

    dacă primiți 3 contras (conturi) u sunt respinse / dacă primiți 3 pros (avantaje) u sunt acceptate!!


    -1. Nick:

    -2. Age:

    -3. Gametracker Link(40hrs helper):

    -4. Experience admin (5 cmds like amx_slap):

    -5. Did you read rules?:

    -6. Have you had admin on other zombie servers before?

    -7. Active admin day/night (specify hours or all day or night)


    -1. Nick:

    -2. Vârstă:

    -3. Link Gametracker (asistent 40 de ore):

    -4. Experimentați administratorul (5 cmds cum ar fi amx_slap):

    -5. Ai citit reguli ?:

    -6. Ați mai avut administrator pe alte servere zombie?

    -7. Administrator activ zi / noapte (specificați orele sau toată ziua sau noaptea

    And also he doesnt have proof that he did received pernament ban for no reason . So for now ban will stay!

    Warrior algeria wont get unban. First off he lies admins and try to turn all the admins against certain person, second off he was banned before for speedhacking and i don't know how did he get unbanned, and he is even insulting and bhopping , and breaking the rules. Thats it from me .. Greetings!

    Nick:aKRAM SAFI


    SteamID : STEAM_1:0:1090180174

    Time : 30 minutes

    Reason: Bhopping

    Proof (print/demo) : Please login to see this link.

    First off show the subscriber count , so we can see how much subs do you have and will we accept you or not and what grades u will get for that amount of subscribers!

    Aha i see now , sadly i wasnt there when this happened so i dont know what exactly happened ,so i will not be involved in this report . now its up to Soul, Tern , and Switzex to see the post and warn/remove him.. Good luck on the report. Greeting from tenz