[Introduction] Ancient Hunter

  • Quote ¤ Name[/nickname]: Vijayan / Ancient Hunter

    ¤ Age: 22

    ¤ Country: Malaysia

    ¤ Occupation: Precision engineering in College

    ¤ A short description about you: Likes to watch videos , go to fishing with friend ones a while , play indoor and outdoor games and not interest in love ( Cant get true love )

    ¤ How did you found out CSOMOD Community: Simple i search at gtracker site found a csomod server and i joined

    ¤ Favorite games: GTA 5 (ONLINE) Crazy to play , CS 1.6, Respawnables (they shut it permanently ), MLBB, COD, PUBG, BLITZ BRIGAGE(Fking hackers destroy the game)

    ¤ Favorite server [community only]:CSOMOD and BROTHERHOOD(server dead)

    ¤ A picture of you: I dont want to share my pic , lazy to post at fb or insta . SEE YOUR FACE AT MIRROR (YOU ARE THE HANDSOME)

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