[Introduction] Abyss

  • ¤ Name: Andrija Nickname: Abyss

    ¤Age: 16

    ¤ Country: Serbia

    ¤ Occupation: Was working on construction site between june-july, now i am studying in high school for IT engineering

    ¤ A short description about you: just a overall nice guy with tons of love towards music and gaming

    ¤ How did you found out CSOMOD Community: Welp i have quitted cs and wanted to return to play cso and my friend recommended this.

    ¤ Favorite games: CS 1.6 , PUBGM, MINECRAFT

    ¤ Favorite server [community only]: CSOMOD, the experience and community is great overall and i wish i found it earlier.

    ¤ A picture of you: For now i dont feel like sharing that kind of personal info.

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