[Introduction] _Cigan_

  • Quote ¤ Name[/nickname]:Name:Konstantin Nickname:Cigan

    ¤ Age:14

    ¤ Country:Macedonia

    ¤ Occupation:Started working mid July and still is and in the 9th grade working to be a doctor(to be specific chiropractor or to work in a pharmacy store)

    ¤ A short description about you:Nice guy,cares about older ppl than him specialy the lederly,treat anyone with respect like games and love music.

    ¤ How did you found out CSOMOD Community:My cousin told me about it and since day one i was hooked.

    ¤ Favorite games:CS 1.6,Apex Legendes,Call of Duty(Warzone) and CS-GO.

    ¤ Favorite server [community only]:CSMOD one and only.

    ¤ A picture of you:Don't feel to comfortable to share a pic but stay tuned.

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