A natural tourist gem

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    The musk and mud bath is located 25 km from the state of Guelma in Algeria. It is one of the most famous mineral baths in Algeria. Water coming from the ground is resistant to heat up to 100 degrees Celsius and is second in the world after the volcanoes of Iceland. Many patients find treatment with traditional natural minerals in these baths other than in Algeria, and this bath is characterized by tranquility, beauty and a stunning natural view.

    Archaeologists trace the name of the bath back to the Ottoman era, when the water of this bath was used to treat diseases and pains.

    It is said that the reason for the name “Musk and Mud” is due to the ancient inhabitants of it, as they used to treat themselves with musk and mud.”

    . As for relaxation, tranquility and contemplation of the Creator’s creation and the beauty of the view, the limestone rock under which the dormant volcano lies is enough to make you forget the troubles of the week and the worries of the days. The fact is that it is an expressive image on its own, represented by a waterfall with flowing hot water, which tongues cannot express due to its picturesqueness. The view: When you delve into the streams of this waterfall, your attention is drawn to the eggs thrown into small pits and openings, which were prepared to be boiled at a high temperature. The process of boiling eggs is considered an acquired habit among the residents of the region.

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