Helper Request

    • 1. Game name: boss

      2. Real name: sami

      3. Age: 22

      4. Link hours played:Please login to see this link.

      5. Have you read the rules ?: yes

      6. Why do you think you deserve Helper ?: i love this server i want to help players when they need me and i'm responsible

      7. 5 AMXX commands:amx_gagmenu amx_slapmenu amx_kickmenu amx_votemapmenu amx_banmenu

      8. Hours played daily: 5hours

      9. Describe yourself in 5 words: funy helpful gentleman and kind

      i was a helper in the old server ( and i'm back now i wish you accpet me cause i really love this server and thanks <3<3<3 (i'm in top3 now)

      • Please login to see this link.
      • Please login to see this link.
  • SwiTzeX

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