something about the server

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  • hello everyone sup :)

    i want to say something " notes " i see that is wrong or idk if someone saw that and i think i have the right to writing

    When you're a zombie and want to go back to human

    And you're not the first zombie and you have enough money to do that

    nothing stops you

    But the problem lies in the conditions available

    It is not permissible to do it and the number of server players is less than 20. Frankly, this is a difficult thing. For example, if they are 19 or 18, this is a good number

    I suggest that this be allowed for the number 10

    You don't see anyone using it lately I think as the server gets older and gets more players it will be good to have 20 players

    Also zombie sounds

    totally inconsistent

    You choose, for example, sting finger, shaman or witch and enter the round via the respawn

    You will have a different voice

    I don't know how to put more

    I don't think it is important to some

    But it is a basic and important thing that needs to be fix

    When the number of server players is more than 18

    y get this fun or wonder

    idk what his exact name is

    But the number of players is divided into 14 zombies vs 14 humans

    In fact, zombies always win

    if y human sure y will killed (definitely kill)

    cuz humans only have 100 hp

    It must be more than 100

    So that we can play, you will find that one hit can kill you

    Not everyone can buy HP sometimes

    If the number was 150 or 200 that would be better

    The owner will do whatever he wants

    thank y sooo much to reading this

    I want this to be the best server

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