Request Helper

  • 1.Game Name:- Katana ! ZERO

    2.Real Name:- Joandian

    3.Age:- 15

    4.Link hours played:- Please login to see this link.

    5.Have you read the rules?:- yes CSOMOD

    6.why do you think you deserve Helper:- Because i am a good Helper i think i have the ability to help players. prevent hackers from doing wt they want

    7.5 AMXX commands:- amx_kickmenu/amx_slaymenu/amx_gagmenu/amx_votemapmenu/amx_slapmenu

    8.Hours played daily:- 4-7

    9.Describe yourself in 5 words:- receptive/understanding/Valid/effective/intuitive.

    Please login to see this link. everything is fine :saint:

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