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There are 2 replies in this Thread which was already clicked 297 times. The last Post () by estlike.

    • Nick applicant: GamersNest, STEAM_1:0:1030693506
    • Reason: Speedhacking
    • Proof (mandatory): Please login to see this link.

    You can clearly see him double-hitting me in the beginning, obviously done by speedhack.
    Later, in the ending you can see him speeding from me to another enemy, definitely not lag.
    I've seen him use speedhack before, but never got enough of it on demo, until now. Imo it's obvious speedhack and I hope it's enough proof to get him punished.

    Thank you.

  • Got some new clips.
    Please login to see this link. - Obviously speed-shooting with his shotgun, then checks behind him to see if anybody saw him do it.

    Please login to see this link. - Skip towards the end, he's using speedhack while crouching to get through faster, he gets the slight lag/stuck after it which happens after using toggle speedhack.

    Thank you.

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