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  • 1. Game name: boss

    2. Real name: sami

    3. Age: 22

    4. Link hours played: Please login to see this link. and Please login to see this link.

    5. Have you read the rules ?: yes csomod

    6. Why do you think you deserve Admin ?: to make the other players more safe from the hackers and i'm very old on this server

    7. 5 AMXX commandes; amx_banmenu amx_gagmenu amx_slapmenu amx_kickmenu amx_help amx_clcmdmenu amx_clcmdmenu amx_clcmdmenu amx_clcmdmenu

    8. Hours played daily:2 or 3 hours

    9. Describe yourself in 5 words: Positive, Respectful, Helpful, kind and funny

    10. Rank you have: moderator

    11. Rank you want: super-moderator

    and thanks for everything :red_heart::red_heart:

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  • let me say something

    I'm playing the server and I don't use the nickname "May" Maybe you don't know me

    You don't answer anyone when they call your name, you have always really silent

    How will you make others more safe ?

    If they want something

    I have proof, and I will send to owner if him request it from me

    Maybe y have something...

    Then "amx_ help" isnt a command

    For admins.....

    The positive side is that you are definitely not bad

    anyway, just my opinion as a player

    good luck :"))

  • Please login to see this link.

    i don't answer anyone when they call my name cause they want me to give him exp and money or vip guns or somthing like this and that's not my job to give exp or guns so that's why i didn't answer when they need somthing i can do it i will help anyone i'm just a moderator not a boss

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