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    • Nickname: Swat Team
    • IP :
    • The reason of ban: Got Permanent Banned By Artic and for Please login to see this link. is for 1 day, Because of using "Wallhacks".
    • Admin who banned you: Artic, Please login to see this link.
    • Proof (screenshot of your console):

    [CSOBans] -------------------------------

    [CSOBans] --==|| BAN INFO ||==--

    [CSOBans] -------------------------------

    [CSOBans] Server - [ZOMBIES]+[CSO MOD] [Please login to see this link.] CSOMOD.COM [since 2012]

    [CSOBans] BanType - NAME

    [CSOBans] TargetName - Swat Team

    [CSOBans] BanTime - 17 : 02 14/07/2021

    [CSOBans] UnbanTime - Never ( Permanent Ban )

    [CSOBans] BannerID - STEAM_0 : 1 : 211220301

    [CSOBans] BannerIP - [CSOBans]

    BannerName - Artic [CSOBans] Reason - wallhack

    [CSOBans] -------------------

    Hello, Admin's I'm here just to complain for getting banned for using "wallhack" that doesn't proof that I'm using it. I'm still curious why I got banned permanent, I really thought it is 1 day and it change it to permanent, but my point here is where is the proof that I'm using a hack called "wallhack" that build in third software etc. I really appreciate if you read this thread and resolve this issue to make sure if its true, or not and I'm supporting for your decision for Banning my Account Name "Swat Team" for permanent if the case is true or have a good proofed, Thank you.

  • Hello, Mr. Please login to see this link. I watched the swat file. For swat file number 2 it's not working and I saw that you used a jump grenade to "Jump" on the other side because it is very common that your gonna jump on that side to target a player around there and also it makes me curious that you also used an Invisible to go there and I heard the sound of it. So for me, it's gameplay but I don't know what you are gonna think or judge my gameplay if it's malicious or not. and yes, you created a game called "hide and kill" its very common that a player will hide in the dark place of the map, so when you started to chat on the server to start the game, so luckily that I found you because I know that place to hide for me I really liked to hide especially I'm the last human in the game. I hope you understand my side Mr. Please login to see this link. and I'm really sorry if the accident that's makes you think that I'm really using a third software hack and etc. I'm just going to reduce my skills in the future, if I got unbanned someday or not and I can't force you to unban me, it is your sincere choice to do this if you really want to ban me from the game for me it's okay. but if not then I'll promise to changed my skills and gameplay in the future. Thank you for reading this Mr. Artic I really appreciated your works.

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    okay i got ur explanation now, i just sus u for using wallhack cus someone report to me that u are using hack and then i tell all staff to watching u and they sus u cus ur gameplay too, but now i know that's ur skill not a wallhack. sorry for the problem, u will be unbanned from server and u can play again on server


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