Helper Request!

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  • 1. Name of the game: 4ornaya_Pantera

    2. Real name: RUSLAN

    3. Age: 18

    4. Link to Please login to see this link. game hours:

    5. Have you read the rules ?: YES, I have "CSOMOD"

    6. Why do you think you deserve a helper ?: Because your server is better than all servers, and other players use hacking, bhop, tryacc, stuckinlasermine and swear words.

    7.5 AMXX Commands: 1) AMXX Commands: slapmenu. 2) Commands AMXX: slime. 3) Commands AMXX: BANmenu. 4) Commands AMXX: MODmenu. 5) AMXX commands: gagmenu

    8. Number of game hours per day: 5-6.

    9. Describe yourself in 5 words: kind, active, hope, fair, friendly.

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