"I have been rejected for an unfair reason"

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  • Hello everyone who reads these comments.

    Yesterday I was rejected as an admin, for being 100H afk, as you can see I have a lumbar scoria disease I cannot be playing 24/7 on a pc, because it would complicate my life here I will leave you a link of my plate that they took me,

    modrea, I had 100 hours on your active server helping, and now you see how they pay me, I left another community to come to you already, they removed Moderator from a server for being inactive, to be in your community and you see how one of your employees try I'm an afk all day, that's no reason to reject a helper-YT

    I believe that I am the only player that spend 12 hours active on the server, all the MOderator and super modreator are inactive and the Owners do nothing

    The players who insult before now are not insulting thanks to me, bye everyone

    Check link: Please login to see this link.

  • tell me something, how can I benefit from you, you are in the server and you are not interacting in it, just waiting inside the spectator just to take more hours

    Even if you spend more time than the rest of the players and you have a problem. Through the photo you sent

    Nothing will change unless you are interacting with the server

  • [DS]Tern

    Closed the thread.
  • Hello,

    By this i will tell you nothing is unfair, before we add someone to the team, the 3 owners are discussing on it, why shall we add him or why not. If you got rejected there is always a good reason.

    By the way we dont have any super mod, so then i have to tell you you are not really active ingame not even on the forums, otherwise you would know who got removed who not. By this i think it was a good desicision that you are not accepted.

    If someone really cares about the team, you would read the forums every day and do his job good.

    If you have more to tell us you can type it here.

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