Reporting another rulebreaker.

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  • This avattar guy bought a boss while there were 3 zombies before him,had to slay him

    Firstly,notice how he infects 2 people and buys a BOSS after he infects them.

    [CSO] avattar Used a [ Knife-Blink ] !

    [CSO] avattar Used a [ Knife-Blink ] !

    avattar killed wrc with knife

    Mr.Fox killed his teammate sk!p

    Rage | - Rawrz` killed his teammate TROJAN

    [CSO] avattar Used a [ Knife-Blink ] !

    wrc killed his teammate 70 fugir

    TROJAN killed his teammate indiana

    ] amx_slay ava

    avattar has died.

    (Some zlataNNN guy joined as a zombie before avattar bought boss.)

    Edit : Basically,he was the first one,but there was already 2 zombies,when the 2 players joined he bought a boss,even in his eyes he saw that there s already infected people,and yes they joined after the countdown,they became zombies as soon as they joined.

    I told him to not do this type of sh*t again but he's just thinking that he's smart knowing stuff more than me,yall might know him for a long time but ill just tell yall that i could give him a little judgement because he does this oftenly and i see a lot of people like 1LAL telling him to stop with it.

    Im so swaggy n cool

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