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  • Hello,

    Some of you might already know me but to those who dont im Vyka. im an old player.
    Im doing this Feed report cuz i want the server to get better and hopefully help to giving suggestions, and point some problems that can or should be solved.

    1-Many players said many times that the new Zombie Class Arachne is way to much OP. It kills the game so much making it not very enjoyable for human players due to its skills that are way too much. Since the Zombie class is way too much i would recommend changing this class of ZM from a choosable class for VIP MEMBERS, to be made as a Nemesis ZM or a special round ZM (as in an alternative nemesis); OR increase skills cooldown, cuz people that use this Class of ZM literally spam skills.

    "Some may say that oh its just 1 VIP ZOMBIE in the game plus you need to pay to actually use it... still i remind the most of your players arent VIP, GOLD or have Staff priviliges, so still this zombie class is even so way too OP".

    2- Granade Launcher feels degraded, Zombies have lots of HP now, but now with this granade launcher not only it has a slower reload ( or atleast it feels like it) but it also has short range making it not that enjoyable anymore, and getting it as Hero or even buying it its lame and not even worth it (MY OPINION). I would suggest to keep the old Granade Launcher as it was, its way more enjoyable.

    3- Crossbow its now at LVL 50 plus 95k$. i might know a possible reason for the increase of the LVL and price, but still, Crossbow was so popular and now we need to pay 95k$ and be lvl 50 which its already a challange on its own. I would recommend to leave it as it was before, buyable at lvl 30 and way much cheaper then what it is now ( i dont recall the exact values of the weapon or exact lvl but it was somewhere around those numbers).

    "Just saying LVL 50 is already so hard to get for such a good weapon, plus 95k$ for crossbow? in a total of 150k$ you are literally asking for almost 70% of the players money for a weapon. I suppose its not the only one but still its way too much."

    4- Z-AWP is gone... WHY???? Such a great weapon its not accessable for Regular players. Or atleast i havent seen it anymore on the server. PLEASE BRING IT BACK

    5- Tesla ZM, well it was good to make it usable by all members WITH a certain lvl i must agree on this and i wouldnt change it. GOOD CHOICE

    6-Slot feels like nothing... what is it made for slot? Saving name? saving money? saving progress? Saving info? if its supposed to save info Slot players shoulndt get lvl reset since its info part of the player cuz Slot currently feels like, Green [STATUS and name] plus white text. really amazing right? At this point im Slot player and it feels like the only thing i get is text in other color. Just WOW. everyone's wish comes true... Make it useful, make it actually save progress, or something special about it like, perhaps a bit of more dmg, free armor (till 200), perhaps cheaper weapons, perhaps more money per dmg, perhaps a bigger money limit... and if with that means same thing for VIPS, GOLDs and staff then be it. SLOT IS NOTHING RIGHT NOW.


    At this point to me and some players this server is PTW (Pay to Win).
    I would like STAFF MEMBERS to consider these issues (the ones i remember).
    Plus PLEASE consider that most of your players are NOT VIPS, GOLD OR anything... they are just regular players. Even Slot players are just regulars, and i hardly see any Slot players.
    I support evolution, but please dont kill whats already good in the server. As i said im here to Be part of the solution, and not a criticizer that just has a negative sight of things.
    I DO ENJOY THIS SERVER. even though im not active most of the time i do enjoy it.
    But please fix or consider these issues and think also of the little players.

    Thank you so much for your consideration,

    • Official Post

    1 . I increased the delay time for his ability (Arahne) so it won't be very OP!
    2 . I increased the dmg for the M-32, this solves the HP zombie!
    3 . I lowered the Crossbow price to $ 12,950 but I can't lower it to Level.
    4 . Unfortunately, that weapon made the gamplay difficult on the server. You have enough great weapons with high DMG depending on Level!
    5 . I appreciate!
    6 . Slot = Reservation Nick, Prefix Slot, The Level and Money will never be reset again I hope there were some bugs I fixed

    I appreciate that you see things your way, I or my colleagues do not see many things. Respect!

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