[Player's Report] Bercea_Voievod_VII , Lord HADES , [KnX] TH3SaN3 , Seniór

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    • Your name: Scarlxrdd , ЧУПАКАБРА
    • Name of cheater/offender (player) : Bercea_Voievod_VII , Lord HADES , [KnX] TH3SaN3 , Seniór
    • Date and time: 11/19/2021 6:48PM
    • Reason of complaint: So these human individuals decided to firstly gang up on ЧУПАКАБРА with many disgusting insults and racial slurs (mostly Romanian) , and then also insult me too with the same attitude and anger. I wouldnt've had to make this report if it was just one guy having a bad day and taking it on the players in-game , but it went past that line very fast.They most likely saw that there was no Staff to quickly resolve the hatred by warning them , so they thought it would go un-reported , oh well.
    • Proof (screenshot or demo): Please login to see this link.
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