Admin Request Ez HeadShotz

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  • IGN Name: Ez HeadShotz
    IRL Name: Emil
    Play Time:Please login to see this link.
    Have You Read Rulles:RESPECTSTAFFZM
    Why Do u think u Deserve Admin:Beacuse im really Active player Also i want help every1 who need help :D
    5 AMXX Comands: Amx_slay Amx_Banip Amx_kick Amx_addban amx_gag
    Hours Played Daily: Like 5-8h
    Describe Yourself in 5 Words: Active,Helping,NoToxic,Funny,Happy.

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  • 2. Zombie: main objective: Zombie are forced to attack, not allowed to sit, to be killed by another player for money.
    3. People: main objective: People are forced to eliminate all zombies .
    When you follow the rules, then you can make another request .
    You don't deserve to upgrade, you give VIP items to normal players, you don't attack all players because they're your "friends". Today I took a jetpack and you instead of attacking Kleo, who was right next to you, you focused on me. + That you still wonder as fool why I swear to you when you start all the anger "Shade u will die now" .
    Next time you better choose admins / experienced helpers and stop getting all the kids to fool around . "16 years Emilut" .

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  • xD Frist Im attacking all ppl i see sometimes i dont attack bcs they dont attack me sometimes but its rarely also u took jp and when Admins/other Staffs see ppl wih jps vip weapons they talking who gived him and that stuff soo i dont want any1 have vip stuff also i didnt insult u or anything u said to me when i killed u "Suck my dck" also on another language u said to Tern So dont lie Please Ty.
    Also im not Angry if u dont like me u can Report me its not problem at Admin/Helper/vip & Player Report Ty Again.

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  • When I insulted, I didn't talk to you. Anyway, you tamed the nut on the wall, if you know what I mean. There are so many admins on the server and no one is able to do anything if I ad a coded on [email protected] .

    Da' stai asa, eu de ce pana mea sa vorbesc in engleza cand astia nu inteleg un strop de romana ? Bai puradel, translate this : Invata ba cateva cuvinte in romana si dupa aceea poti spune ca ti-am zis eu tie sa-mi sugi pula .
    Si quieres, puedes hacer eso, no estoy diciendo que no . ;)
    Aveti atatia admini si altii sunt smecheri d'aia cu grade mai mari si rasa lor, dar sa moara vecinii mei daca am vazut un admin Roman pe serverul asta .
    Anunt un codat pe [email protected] ii doare-n peleu pe ei, stau si se joaca sau discuta intre ei .

    (Tengo 5 años de experiencia en amx)
    Pero nunca en mi vida había visto tantos tontos en un servidor. "Me refiero a estos administradores"

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  • Asa cum am zis si eu . Daca iti este lene sa traduci ce am scris eu in Romana, asta este treaba ta . Si tu nu respecti regulamentul copile, asa ca nu mai mintii atata .
    Astept sa vina prietenii lui sa-l apere .

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