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    • Your name: -LS- Karma
    • Name of helper (staff): re3star?s
    • Date and time:2022/05/19
    • Reason of complaint: he banned me for * cerb bind * .... note : i had no idea how to upload the ready video so i just got it to download .... just download it and watch it
    • Proof (screenshot or demo): Please login to see this link. READ BELOW!!
      these are why HE is wrong :
      firstly before i had to buy the cerb i had to go on every list that i had to ... last time i used the armour bind it just transfered me straight to the armour page and didnt check on the last pages and the page that appeared didnt work it just stood there and it does nothing u cant buy from it while my page disappeared like a normal buyer and again I HAD to go on every page to get to cerb .... thanks and i wish these mistakes never happen again ... i feel honored tho ... u guys misstook me for a code machine which happens instantly .
  • I am not a helper buddy binding for a certain item is not allowed, bind for armor is allowed you can check my proof you was very quick with it and I saw it many times when I was spectating u.

    arctic or carbon will decide and in both ways i dont use bind ... sorry man it was a wrong call
    + i had wrong call with LOVE guy thought he didnt use binds but well he does

  • Artic

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  • Artic

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