Helper Request

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    • Nickname: ABOALGABER
    • Real Name: Mohamad
    • Age: 16
    • Country: Palestine/isreal
    • How much time you can spend in the server ( per day - average ) :3-5 hours
    • Link of hours you played on server on link (minimum 90h): Please login to see this link.
    • Can you speak English?: off course
    • Have u been an Admin before?: No
    • Do u have Discord? if yes, are u join our Discord server?: Yes , yes
    • Reason that you want to be Helper: there is a lot of new people joining recently and i would like to help them, also there is hackers that must be banned so they don't ruin other gameplay, and punish everyone who doesn't respect others or doesn't respect the rules.
    • Note: i haven't play that much last week because i had exams and my cousin got married and i went to his wedding...

    And all due respect to all the staff team :red_heart:

    Thank you...

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