• Your name: .::Jock3R.::

    Name of admin(staff): ItzLad

    Date and time: 5 mins ago

    Reason of complaint: not doing his job

    Proof (screenshot or demo):

    its not the first time , many rounds the first zm is afk and he didnt even slay / slap / warn him ...

    players are insulting and he is just focus on gameplay and he gags them in the round also in the first time of insulting boom 20/10 mins gag also about bhoping , if he sees you bhoping boom 7 or 10 mins nojump

    as you can see in the pics i told him many times , gag that guy and he didnt even listen to me , in the next round he gagged him ....

    what a shame for our community , an admin prefers playing than doing his job ....

    ItzLad Please login to see this attachment.

    Please login to see this attachment.

  • Artic August 8, 2022 at 2:11 PM

    Closed the thread.

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