unban request Dark_kingPin

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      • Nickname: Dark_kingPin
      • Your ip :
      • The reason of ban: steal name, i don't think i hacked, but if i did pls gimme a chance, this ban was long ago like 1 yr. I really wanna play on a cso server i swear ill never again hack.
      • Admin who banned you: Please login to see this link.
      • Proof (console)
      • Connecting to

        Connection accepted by [CSOBans] ------------------------------- [CSOBans] --==|| BAN INFO ||==-- [CSOBans] ------------------------------- [CSOBans] Server - [ZOMBIES]+[ZOMBUS MOD] [Please login to see this link.] CSOMOD.COM [since 2016] [CSOBans] BanType - IP [CSOBans] TargetID - STEAM_1 : 0 : 1818837668 [CSOBans] TargetIP - [CSOBans] TargetName - Dark_kingPin [CSOBans] BanTime - 14 : 52 10/09/2022 [CSOBans] UnbanTime - Never ( Permanent Ban ) [CSOBans] BannerID - STEAM_1 : 0 : 1929444262 [CSOBans] BannerIP - [CSOBans] BannerName - L u C i f e R_YT [CSOBans] Reason - steal name ! [CSOBans] ------------------------------- * Privileges set Kicked :"You are Permanently BANNED from this Server. Check your Console for M
      • Please login to see this link.
      • Please login to see this link.
      • Please login to see this link.

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