Report of players abusing

    • Your name: Joker
    • Name of (player) : MarinoffBG
    • Date and time: 9/11/2022 (7.18 pm Indian time)
    • Reason of complaint: abusing when no admins online and also abuses when admins are online and today Kaboom gagged him also + he spams jump bombs on players that also was spotted today by Kaboom and me unfortunately my recording software didnt work correctly or i could show that too as a proof but you guys can ask Kaboom for it if he remembers on zm_defense map.
    • Proof (screenshot or demo):

    Please login to see this attachment.

  • He was warned for spamming jump bombs,and yes I remember that it happened today on the map zm_defense.

    Next time he spams jump bombs again will be banned for 30 minutes(with my own proof or if he is reported on forum if no admin is server to ban.)

    As for the gags, he should control himself to not be toxic towards other players with insults.

    You can find the demo file on your "cstrike" folder with a name "cso2012_demo.dem", it's automatic recording each map so should disconnect and find the demo that way(or use third party recording software).

    This goes for everyone who keeps spamming jump bombs / freeze bombs when no staff is present during night time + different timezones.

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