• Hello Ladies and Gentlemen

    I would like to discuss some things about Weapon Binds and what the punishments are for them.

    Let's start off with how unfair it is to other players that are trying to play, People who are using binds are able to get the weapon 100x faster with just a simple click.

    I understand we have some rules and regulations against Weapon Binders, But I don't think they take those rules seriously. I think we should have more strict punishments for people who use Binds. FOR example, People who use binds get a 6-hour ban which is really nothing In my opinion.

    I think we should have stricter rules like

    • Level deduction / Level Resets if necessary
    • More ban time 3 days the first time getting caught, 1 week the second time, and so on.
    • If an admin is sus Players should be obliged to give demo


    Please add +1 if you agree and -1 if you disagree and put your reasoning, please.

    Feel free to add more to this suggestion!

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  • +1 I'm fine with your stronger punishment's for the offenders , although I'm also fine with the current ones too , so I would like to also say that we must do something about the Player's who refuse to send their demo's when suspected of binding , I'm done with them acting wild when asked to do so here's an example; "[Admin/Helper] <Player> please send me your demo , I would like to check something." and if the suspect is guilty their reply is "<Player> Why?" "<Player> What is demo?" "<Player> I can't upload demo" or when the suspect goes fake AFK until the map changes therefore voiding the demo since a new one would be starting to record , this example is pretty accurate since I have witnessed it myself when asked to do so , and when the suspect is clean , they send their demo's without questions asked and that's pretty frustrating especially for Staff Member's , so in conclusion we should have stricter rule's upon refusal to send their proof.

    PS: I'm aware that once the suspect is banned as soon as they are caught binding , they are obligated to send their demo's , so that is not the point i'm trying to make. My point is more on the not giving their demos when asked or acting wild.

    - Thanks

    • Level deduction / Level Resets if necessary
    • More ban time 3 days the first time getting caught, 1 week the second time, and so on.
    • If an admin is sus Players should be obliged to give demo

    Regarding this, level deduction can be in action if a certain player is caught binding, gets banned for certain amount of time/days and evades that ban by resetting their router for a new IP Address or changing the STEAMID to join the server, after 2-3 ban evades, 30-50 levels can be deducted from that nickname.

    Ban time for someone who is in suspicion of binding a certain gun can range from 1 hour to 1 day(depends if they did it before and "left" or went "afk" for some reason), they are obliged to send their demo as proof and make an Please login to see this link. here on the forum if they are innocently banned for binding guns.

    Staff or a player/vip can be in suspicion of binding if the Admin present thinks that and they must send their demo as proof or a short recording via third party software as proof they are being falsely accused.

    +1 Will be waiting for the rest of the staff to reply to this topic.

  • I would come up with another ideea that supports your view. So, we are needing more automatisation instead of self-moderation. It would be way more helpful if the developement team would block the use of aliases in the case of items shop. I am not 100% sure of how to actually implement this, but if you are agreeing with me, we could meet one day and discuss everything on discord. My knowledge of amxx and so got a bit old, since 2019, since I had my last cs server, has been some time :p but I would gladly give a hand if needed.

    Summarising, I stand for stricter regulations when it comes to auto-buy binds, but not by self-moderation, it has to be done automatically by the server so no evasions can take place. Obligating the staff to waste time by spectating players to see whether they auto-buy, is firstly not productive nor practicable, secondly it can be hardly seen (that he uses auto-buy aliases) if the user is using some kind of cheats that show him the spectators list.

    Good suggestion, have a good night :smiling_face:

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