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  • Let's start off with how arrogant and ignorant you're towards the Server Rules and end it with actually proving that you're bhopping , you were constantly micro bhopping in order to skip the punishment , but i caught you bhopping when you were getting chased by zombies.

    My Demo : Please login to see this link.

    Time Stamps : micro bhopping at 1:16 and 2:34 , full bhopping at 3:50 (he is boosting himself up to the building) {Time Stamps are for my Demo}

    His demo is shorter so i suggest either watching his demo fully , or watching my demo with the time stamps.

  • Are you Okay ?

    I was amazed when I saw No jump List

    I gave everyone a No jump knowing that half of them are wronged

    and ik its ur First time using Amxx Cmds

    Also Dont forgot to take a look around of Bhop As this : Please login to see this media element.
    and its with slow Motion to make it easier for you

    Good luck Bro !

    • Official Post

    Demo clearly shows your micro bhops at the first timestamps, at 3:50 can see no movement delay ( hard to notice since the lag ).

    Your are WARNED! Next time its a 30 minute ban for bhoping.

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  • Kabo!om

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