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  • After watching the demo , I have seen that haxor isn't spamming jump bombs , he threw 3 jump bombs with different time intervals , here's an example.

    Example: "<Zombie> spots player " "<Zombie> start's throwing jump bombs one after another with no time interval , to make them fall or for different purposes."

    So , in the future , if you spot someone spamming jump bombs like the example i gave you , please report to the Admin's/Helper's that are on the server before making a report , since in your case there was a couple Admin's there already , and if there isn't any or they are unable to investigate the Offender , you can make a report again,

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    In conclusion, he was throwing jump bombs with time difference (not one after another in milliseconds), which wont addressed as breaking the rules for "jump bombs spamming is not allowed!".

    Next time if there is staff on the server present, you can message them via pressing U say_team @"message/report" and send backed up with proof (demo,short recording).


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