[Report] [Pro]~[StyLe]~[MaZeN]

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    • Your name: Беџо Дрварот
    • Name of helper (staff): [Pro]~[StyLe]~[MaZeN]
    • Date and time: 1/15/2023
    • Reason of complaint: Abusing knife blink glitch + very toxic kid who is not a good staff member in general. He killed me multiple times using the same glitch, even staff members told him not to do it he still did it.I hope he gets demoted.
    • Proof (screenshot or demo): Please login to see this media element.

    Please login to see this picture.

  • Carbon

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  • People was abusing this glitch on me before, this one and the double right click glitchs, so i talked about the bug before, and the answer was "this bug is random so its not abuse....(etc)".

    His clearly using the bug, but i don't know what to say, because it's a random glitch....

  • [CSOBans] [Pro]~[StyLe]~[MaZeN] has been BANNED for 30 Minute(s) BY Basehead. [ Reason - "knife blink bag" ] *bug

    he was banned by Basehead

    but idk what is the rest cause this helper is always breaking the rules

    and even tho the glitch is random , he could've just stoped holding the right click

    Blood_Bandit is here

    My yt channel:Please login to see this link.

    Like and sub :smiling_face:

  • Mazen havent learned anything from his previous history , had told him to follow the rules on multiple occasions , but he has always denied his wrong doings , not only he abuses the knife blink bug as shown from the video above , but he still continues to bhop even though he was told to not do it again.

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  • Kabo!om

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