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    • Your name:Беџо Дрварот
    • Name of admin(staff): Scarlxrdd
    • Date and time:1/21/2023
    • Reason of complaint: he is consantly gagging and nojumping me cuz I called him out for bhopping.
    • Proof (screenshot or demo):

      ADMIN Scarlxrdd: Has gagged Беџо Дрвар from speaking for 5 minutes! (say / say_team / voicecomm)
      ADMIN Scarlxrdd: Disables jumps for Беџо Дрварот. For [10] minute(s). Reason: bhop

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  • Demo: Please login to see this link.

    Time Stamps: 03:32 (bhop boosting himself inside the tunnels , Fast ZM class)

    First of all get your facts straight , I'm NOT the one bhopping but the ONE who caught/reported them , go check them out again but not blindly this time. I'm not constantly gagging/nojumping you , you got gagged for arguing/accusing me of stuff that i havent done , and i have warned you to stop doing so , but you're so salty that you cant even accept the fact that you were breaking the rules that you know "well" . Next time please take a closer look at the Server Rules and don't falsely accuse others . You should have more movement delay inbetween your jumps , like once you jump and land , don't jump again instantly but move a little bit , then jump again.

  • You already nojumped me for this one on that map for 5 minutes didnt you ??(Yeah I know I was spamming jump here). I'm asking for one on foda you nojumped me for 10mins where is that one :grinning_squinting_face: ?

    Oh , so now you're accepting the fact that you were indeed bhopping , as for foda , it worked in your favor since my demo got corrupted whilst leaving the game , but this still doesnt make your actions right , stop acting like a child and follow the rules.

  • G look you already nojumped me on this map for 5 minutes and it expired right? I'm looking for one on foda you nojumped me there for 10 minutes I want solid proof of that please. Kaboom said you can bhop as boss cuz its his ability cmon be smarter please :smiling_face:

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  • And Again I got Nojumped to ofrom tscarlxx is true i am bhpping , Cuz He Said about delay which i dont know about and when i investigate further i found out that It means u keep jumping rapidly without stopping or anything , Thats why u got no jumped bedzo , Kabo already told me this , U must jump and wait 1-2 sec and Jump Again , So that it wont count as bhop .

  • Azax Dont FIght in this Comment let the man for him self bedzo to Complain about this and azax dont interuppt this.

    who said im fighting here?

    he did a report without any proof, so i told him wher is the proof that you didn't break the rules, also im a member in the staff team, so i can speak freely, he said that he know what bhop mean, so i need his demo to see if he really didn't break rules.

  • I know only admins are allowed to comment but this guy ( Bedzo ) accuses people of bhop without any proof... 2 days ago he accused me of bhop and we went on discord to watch the demo together and when he saw that the accusation was wrong, he started being aggressive and insulting me with racist remarks and delusional lines and now he comes here to complain with 0 evidence? pathetic.

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