Wierd "Spectating Bug"

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  • Hello !

    What happen is really wierd, after the map changed, i was spectating players like any staff memeber, so every time i put my screen view on a player, the player literally start flying up until the map limite or the player get stun so he can't move at all, at the start i thought the player "HelloThere" is cheating or something, but he was flying randomly, so i told him to rejoin the server, then i switched my screen view to another player, so i realised that the player had the same problem :grinning_squinting_face: , i have no idea what was that !

    This is the demo : Please login to see this link.

    So my assumption of this bug is :

    I think every one know about the "Auto Login Option" when we type in the public chat /reg, so when one of the staff members enable this option then the map change while one of the staff members in the spectaters list, he will be instantly in the spectating list after the map changing, so when he spectate some one, the player start flying randomly or getting full freeze, then at the second round the staff member transfer to CT/T teams automatique.

    P.S : im not sure at all about this assumption, this is only what i expect !

    edited: i tried it again, it didn't happen, maybe my expect is wrong or it's happen some times by luck !

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