Report Admin (Abyss)

    • Your name: Favright
    • Name of admin(staff): Abyss
    • Date and time: 14:02:2023 , around 22:00
    • Reason of complaint: disabling jump for no reason just because he couldn't infect me using 5 blinks.
    • Proof (screenshot or demo): He should bring proof that i was actually running around the map bunnyhopping using key binds, actually using SPACE BAR and normally JUMPING is not bhop and any kid admin that uses BHOP as an excuse just to get vips out of the game so that they can get more kills, should be removed from the staff.
    • I'm sick and tired of this, every single night when i enter the server i get jump disabled for no damn reason by Abyss, reason ''bhop'', I DON'T KNOW HOW TO BHOP, and jumping around using SPACE is not bhop, in my entire life i have never seen such entitled staff members, that don't allow other vip players to play. Every single time they see someone that gets kills, they disable jump reason ''bhop''. I want to see a demo where i bhopped and where did i cheated the game, this is not a valid point every single time a player JUMPS normally using SPACE key they are called ''bhop''. This trend from some admins needs to go and someone from the administration needs to teach these ungrateful kids HOW ACTUAL BHOP looks. All that i did was jump normally to avoid Abyss when he was zombie, i killed him and then he's like ...nah bhop ''jump disabled'', just becaused he used like 5-6 blinks on me and didn't infected me. THIS IS JUST BUTTHURT BEHAVIOR. NORMAL JUMP USING SPACE IS NOT BHOP FOR CHRIST'S SAKE. I would love someone to downgrade Abyss if he cannot prove with a demo that i bhopped. It's not the first time he disabled my jump, i cannot play on this server with admins like this that use every single excuse to make other vip players exit the game, just so that they can play.

    SORRY for double post, i never knew there is an actual form

  • Note: Reports without any proof will be rejected.

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    Never seen a player lying that much, bhopping caught in 4k, complaining about me getting downgraded for what, doing my job correctly?

    You could've sent your demo, but you didn't why? Because you figured out you would get exposed. Smh

    Watch from 2:04

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  • You are clearly bhopping there. I'll make it clear about bhopping.

    Jumping instantly is considering as bhopping. We are saying that a lot. You need to fix your jumps. At least make 1 second delay inbetween your jumps.

    Punishment is given well deserved.


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