Abyss Complain Bhop

  • NO NO NO NO! I will not let this slide until the owner of the server doesn't give his opinion on this.

    Having my jump disabled for BHOP every single time i play the server just because I USE NORMAL SPACE JUMP ????? how is that considered bhop?

    This is BHOP Please login to see this media element. , jumping around the map pressing space in a different technique to gain speed and to jump constantly, that is BHOP, idk how old are these admins that don't know 1 thing about bhopping, if a zombie comes and bites me, why the hell wouldn't i jump fast in the air TO NOT GET TOUCHED? should i just sit there and let myself get infected because of ....ABYSS????

    pressing space normally just to jump and not get infected that's not fcking bhop. WHO gave admin acces to these idiots that don't know what bhop is actually like.

  • Cohlestic February 14, 2023 at 8:55 PM

    Closed the thread.

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