Request ungag (samiullah)

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  • Nickname: samiulah

    The reason of gag: i was begging and i didnt knew it is a rule not beg but now i know it i really thought you guys dont like begging thats why you gag us but i was wrong this is a rule and i broke the rule i know i deserve it but please atleast make it temparary not parmanent

    Admin who gag you: Blood_Bandit

    Why we should ungag you?: because i know my mistake now i was not accepting my mistake before but now i realaize my mistake its rule and i broke it

    Will you stop doing that if we ungag you?: i wont do it again i know you will think that . i am just making it uo for the ungag but no this time iam serious i wont do it again :my: :my: :my: :my:

  • Kabo!om

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  • Kabo!om

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