unban request

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  • [CSOBans] --==|| BAN INFO ||==--

    [CSOBans] -------------------------------

    [CSOBans] Server - [ZOMBIES]+[CSO MOD] [Please login to see this link.] CSOMOD.COM [since 2012]

    [CSOBans] BanType - NAME

    [CSOBans] TargetID - STEAM_2 : 1 : 2033033591

    [CSOBans] TargetIP -

    [CSOBans] TargetName - AimLess

    [CSOBans] BanTime - 15 : 15 : 00 19/02/2023

    [CSOBans] UnbanTime - 15 : 15 : 00 20/02/2023

    [CSOBans] Timeleft - 22 Hour ( s ) 55 Minute ( s ) 11 Second ( s )

    [CSOBans] BannerID - STEAM_0 : 0 : 102625428

    [CSOBans] BannerIP -

    [CSOBans] BannerName - Scarlxrdd

    [CSOBans] Reason - bhop

    proof : first of all ,if you've already saw the dome that scarlxrdd put in his proof you can see how he treated me and my brother Let The darkness , unfortunatlly that demo shows admins in there real image , secondlly my demo shows that i didn't do any kind of bhop ( normal bhop/micro bhop...) . Last but not least , i've been good to all of admins and very respectfull and i've never been banned because of my behaviour and finally there was been a mistake that someone has reduced my lvl from 126 to 68 and accused me for sharing accounts and stealing a nickname . in my point of view , i think this ban is all planned ( Blood_bandit / Scarlxrdd) cuz they didn't have proof of me sharing any accounts or bhopping

    Please login to see this link. (my demo)

    Please login to see this link. ( scralxrdd's demo of disrespecting me)

  • Demo(his):Please login to see this link.

    Time Stamps:10:21

    Demo(mine):Please login to see this link.

    Time Stamps: 10:21

    Watch the evidence and gather info before asking for my take on this situation , all of the evidence is on his post , don't tag me for no reason.

  • before you can say its not my bussiness to talk here scar has disabled my jumps for 30 minutes because I argued with him

    blood bandit watch scar's demo again and see for yourself what you were planning

    the ADMIN CHAT that no one can see but you guys

    and when a VIP (ZmajoShows) discovered it you told him mind your own bussiness

    • Official Post

    In my opinion, after watching the demo both in normal speed and slow motion, this player was not bhopping or breaking any rules. There was some delay between his first and second jump, hence he had time to press the duck and the W key before starting to jump again. As for the second and the third jumps, it would not be considered a bhop because the player was already stationary and not in motion. We will have to wait for other staff members on this matter so please be patient!

  • On behalf of every player that has been bullied by scarlxrdd and didn't do anything.

    This post is not for unban only it is for reporting the admin scarlxrdd for his behaviour toward everyone as you can see how he just disrespected the moderator Ankri by saying (are you blind)

  • @Please login to see this link. Why are you upset? You are flagged only to testify.

    Or annoyed at your mistakes, watched you use your power without warning

    I only intervened because I do not like injustice, even if it costs me to prevent. I'm just telling you to use your function and not add it.

    I am very sorry for my intrusion.

  • Cohlestic

    Added the Label Rejected

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