About some old guns

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  • Hello i make this topic for ask about those gun is got removed because bug issue or have problem with precache, is there have chance all of this guns will come back after fixed or never come back again, i will put level access for that gun i remember if it wrong i'm sorry about that.

    I only take examples of guns that I've seen on servers before.

    1. Thunder Ghost Walker (Level Unknow)

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    I see this gun from some staff that testing, i dont know it not got added because too much effect or peacache issue but if in future this gun got added gonna fun to use for who like stealth.

    2. Dual Beretta Gunslinger (Level 133)

    Please login to see this attachment.Please login to see this attachment.

    The dual pistol that got added in server the best pistol ever for CSNZ and CS 1.6, as i can see there have 2 version of it the first picture is buggy and removed secound picture got removed because infinity ammo bug, sadly for this both maybe it will not back in server for now

    3. Thunder Force (Level around 125-130)

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    I have chance use this gun before got removed, as i can see this gun kinda not have much effect and medium damage but maybe cause rarely to use or remove for add better gun than this but i think this gun not to overpower.

    4. Red Dragon Cannon (Level 150 i guess)

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    The gun on Extra Item menu, i have chance use this gun it kinda balance expect the special skill that call small dragon to spit fire while you can use M1 (left click) not too op but too much effect and bug i guess so that why it got remove

    5. Magnum Launcher (Level 155)

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    We have come to this gun one of my favorite, i see this gun on server it look fun to use and secondary fire it so OP and many problems come with it first thing effect special skill (right click) i can feel it gonna crash server too when i'm there, it removed because due bug and effect also staff said it will be fixed and got added back

    and i hope too it will back again in the future

    6. Divine Blaster (Level 175)

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    The super shotgun that got added and removed in 1-2 days after it added, i see this gun got use by player who have level 175 it so power full and AOE gun

    and of course it come with alot problems too much effect, i can only hope it will got fixed and come back.

    And this is all weapons that i want know it have chance for come back again or never

    I'm sorry if this make me look like dumb.


    Everyone can leave the comments what you guys think about this Thread

    Thanks you so much :arrow:


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    (1st Picture) Normal Thing in CSO                               

    (2nd Picture) My Favorite Gun

    (3rd Picture) Like to create atmosphere

    (Slogan Of Month) "If you give up even not try it that mean you lost that DREAM"

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