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    Hi! I have some suggestions for our server:

    1. Add a skin menu for admins. I think it might be a little bit more fun for admins to be a little different from the other players. I know that the skin of a player is determined by his class, but I still think that this will be better.

    2. Add an Admin menu for, well, admins. Here they can use some "shortcuts" for the commands they use a lot, or for other stuff like the skin menu mentioned early.

    3. More maps. The current list is pretty big, but many of them are completely unknown for most of the players and can be boring to play on those maps. Some examples for new maps (that I like) are zm_toxic_house2, zm_greenyard, zm_westwood.

    4. Add Plasma Gun in the VIP Menu. Yes, Charger & and OICW are good, but a real game changer for VIPs might be the posibility to use Plasma Gun for free ( I know that there are a lot of VIP players on the server, but I still think this will be a good idea)

    5. VIP weapons. If the suggestion number 4 is not good enough, maybe it will be better to have VIP exclusive weapons with balanced stats so that will give a real VIP experience without destroying the "balance" of the game.

    6. Translations in other languages for the menus.

    Fell free to post your opinions. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    Sorry for the possible errors in writing. :nerd_face:

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    1. Helpers/Admins already got their skins to differentiate from players on the last page of skins menu.

    2. Admin menu already exists (obviously?) , you can just bind to a specific letter to open the Admin menu if you don't wanna type it each time via Console, easy. Menu for skins already exists, P.S. Press M 2 to change your Human skins :grinning_squinting_face:

    3. There is already too much maps, over 105+ and only 20-30% of maps are being played (at least) , you can go and make a suggestion for maps -> Please login to see this link. .

    4. Not easy how it sounds , cant change to a specific gun cause latest plugin is required , might be updated soon.

    5. Having VIP guns or any sort of way to get guns by paying real money will not happened , since its gonna be considered P2W.

    6. Yes , but might take some time for translating each menu.

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