Consider Removing a Bunch Of Perpetual Maps in the Voting Poll

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  • As per the observation a lot of new maps were added in a matter of few months which was ideally inevitable for our server's progression,but hardly any of them are being used in the server which unfortunately is failing to fulfil their purpose .This is due to them being overshadowed by the old maps in the Voting poll or being on any other option except option number 1 majority of the times,which results in the following player's habit by instantly choosing option number 1 consisting of usual old maps like fox,iceattack,foda and further more,this can be resolved by disposing maps which are merely used,this as a consequence will increase the chances of newer maps appearing more often on the first option or change the voting poll in a way that will prevent the the following player's habit to always go for option number 1 unknowingly,this can be preferably done by replacing numerical options by alphabetical options Carbon  Kabo!om

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  • It was changed a few months that lastmap need to wait 8 maps to be voted again for the same map , such as foda,dust_world,foda_2,old_italy_madness etc. all the time , nothing else can be done for that.

    Players can not press 1 each time and look at the maps that are being voted.


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