respecting is a must

  • I just want to give an opinion I've noticed that most but not all of the staff here have bad words like stupid, Foolish, blind clown..... This is indecent and therefore a decision must be taken and all these words must be stopped, and whoever uses these words in response must be punished. When responding to foolish users. Are you waiting for him to thank you? No, you encourage him to respond to you in the same way. Therefore, respect is a must, whether it is an employee or an Users. I hope we will not see such words in the future

    Sorry if I offended someone thx for all. :red_heart:

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  • Respect works both ways , if you're a snowflake then that is your issue , those "bad" words you're referring to are only said to those who really , and i mean it really pushed their limits and got what they originally expected or wanted, If you were looking for a Server that wont respond back at you for your own mistakes/behavior/activity . this is not the one.

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