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    Hello everyone,

    Recently I bought hosting from another Company due to we got problems with previous one which is Krond Solutions SRL.

    We are a community with potential and i am maximum happy for the fact that the connection with Krond has been dissolved because they always have been unreliable and disrespectful, in fact wait, i have mistaken, at one has always been a scumbag.

    So that after 1 april my reseller told me Krond will shutdown servers. So i must change host as soon as possible for not lose player. So after i wake up in this morning i tried to download backups of Please login to see this link. and Please login to see this link. (zombus) servers. And bought a new webhost which is Romania :flag_Romania: location now. On new host we are getting 1000-1100FPS on hosting side. Also NVME Disks, AntiDDOS, DDR4 Ram and i9-9900K CPU we are using now which means 5GHZ Power.

    Starting with today we have changed our IP due to our hosting service being unproffesional and creating dramas and down-times without showing even one gram of remorse for what they have done. It is unacceptable to continue in a way that harms our server and team and from now on (until the expiration[in 7 days] of our current IP which maximum rank was of 14) our new IP's will be: (CSO Please login to see this link. MAIN) SERVER.CSOMOD.COM (CSO Please login to see this link. ZOMBUS) ZOMBUS.CSOMOD.COM

    I am sick of unfaithful people who are always complaining about their situation and they do not give a fuck about others, as the leaders of Krond Solutions proved to be there more with their names than to at least try to respect their clients.


    We are expecting a good treatment for such effort.

    *Old Hosting IP's will be unavaible after 1 week (7 days)

    Comments are welcomed.

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