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    • Your name: MihaiEXE
    • Name of admin(staff): savage.
    • Date and time: 00-1 AM
    • Reason of complaint: A comrade and I were doing strafe in the air to run away from zombies and savage this admin kept saying that we were doing bhop and I told him what is the difference between a bhop and a strafe and he didn't understand and continued he didn't know English so well and no he understood what he was saying and after suffering and he was very arrogant with us 2 on chat. According to me an admin should not behave like that
    • Proof (screenshot or demo): i copy what he says: [VIP ADMIN][LVL: 76] savage : nope
      [VIP ADMIN][LVL: 76] savage : just vip
    • [VIP ADMIN][LVL: 76] savage : he want report me
  • savage can u explain?

    Artic Yes Sure

    i said to csweed01 dont bhop and he telling me just strafe not bhop, i told him Okey Np..

    MihaiEXE starting to insult (you are poor kid, kid, you are not for admin) and i gag him 3 mins, Me i dont insult any players bcs im are in staff the is not allowed, let him check logs Carbon.. This boy, How can explain for "Retry Zombie" - Let him tell (screenshot) what i said :!:

    what is this!!! *[VIP ADMIN][LVL: 76] savage : nope* just vip*he want report me* ??


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  • You are trying to report everyone for what i dont understand you If you want to be one of the Staff team be good guy and you can then send a request

    Stop reporting everyone of us to remove them you can report just in cause something was wrong its a game we play for fun not waiting others to say bad words or anyrhing bad then go to report them

  • Yes sure..

    I know that I did spam sorry, Why report to me this is without nothing.. I was not offended him..

    You are annoying!!! etc

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    • Official Post

    savage you need understand what is bhop or strafe (bhop is forbidden and strafe allowed)

    and next time don't spamming, u are admin u should show them what a good admin should do

    and for MihaiEXE this is just a miss understanding don't report any admin again just because a small problem


  • Artic

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