unban request

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There are 2 replies in this Thread which has previously been viewed 275 times. The latest Post (May 31, 2023 at 7:33 PM) was by Ankri.

    • Nickname:AimLess
    • Your ip :STEAM_2 : 1 : 2033033591
    • The reason of ban:reconnect as first zm
    • Admin who banned you:DeMoN
    • Proof (screenshot of your console):
      [CSOBans] ------------------------------- [CSOBans] --==|| BAN INFO ||==-- [CSOBans] ------------------------------- [CSOBans] Server - [ZOMBIES]+[CSO MOD] [#1] CSOMOD.COM [since 2012] [CSOBans] BanType - IP [CSOBans] TargetID - STEAM_2 : 1 : 2033033591 [CSOBans] TargetIP - [CSOBans] TargetName - AimLess [CSOBans] BanTime - 21 : 11 : 09 31/05/2023 [CSOBans] UnbanTime - 21 : 41 : 09 31/05/2023 [CSOBans] Timeleft - 29 Minute ( s ) 52 Second ( s ) [CSOBans] BannerID - STEAM_2 : 1 : 239757006 [CSOBans] BannerIP - [CSOBans] BannerName - !DeMoN! [CSOBans] Reason - reconnected as first zm [CSOBans] -------------------------------
      First of all , as i remembre there is no such thing is reconnect as first zm and you get banned for 30 min or whatever. second, i got lagged on the server and they say "connection problem" i can't give you demo of that cuz the demo got reseted auto cuz i reconnected, so i had to reconnect .Nevertheless, when i infected him and he got mad and he said "[LVL: 149] !DeMoN! : ok aimless". sorry guys for disturbing you'all!! As matter of fact, this ban will be already lifted when you guys gonna reply :thinking_face:
    • Official Post

    If it was a first-time offense, Demon should have given you a warning before the ban happened. I am guessing he banned you once you rejoined without any warning, which is why I will accept this unban request. Next time even if you lagged out, wait 2 minutes at least before rejoining back. Intentional reconnect however would result in a ban after a warning.


    [CSOBans] AimLess has been UNBANNED BY "Ankri"

  • Ankri May 31, 2023 at 7:33 PM

    Closed the thread.
  • Ankri May 31, 2023 at 7:33 PM

    Added the Label Accepted

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